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Koi CBD Lemon-Lime Broad Spectrum Oil Tincture 1000mg Review

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Step into the ever-growing universe of CBD and discover a bounty of products designed to cater to a multitude of preferences. Among these treasures shines the Koi CBD Oil Tincture with its Broad Spectrum blend, exuding the zestful Lemon-Lime essence to delight the senses. Koi Naturals, an esteemed brand synonymous with excellence and transparency, is the craftsman behind this 30ml elixir that holds a potent 1000mg of CBD.

Envisioned for those seeking holistic rejuvenation, Koi Naturals infuses their CBD Oil Tincture with a rich tapestry of naturally occurring phytocannabinoids. These work in harmony to amplify the entourage effect, yet cleverly omit THC, ensuring that tranquility is reached without any intoxicating aftermath. The infusion of Koi PRIZM—Koi Naturals' revered broad spectrum hemp extract—embodies the brand's unyielding pursuit of a superior product. The vegan seal of approval and the commitment to authentic flavoring earmark this tincture as a choice for those with meticulous health and wellness standards.

Hands-on Experience

The unveiling of the Koi CBD Oil Tincture greeted me with packaging that echoes the brand's luxurious image. Its label wore clarity and informativeness as badges of honor, presenting the minutiae from dosing recommendations to the precise CBD content. Positioned competitively at $1.87 per serving, this tincture represents not only a high-caliber product but also reflects the stature of the Koi brand itself.

The ingeniously designed dropper promotes meticulous control over dosing, a boon for enthusiasts and novices alike who prioritize exactness in their CBD regimen. The Lemon-Lime flavor, birthed from pure lime and lemon essences, offers a refreshing counterpoint to the typically earthy character of CBD oils. A hint of stevia gently kisses the palate with a natural sweetness, keeping artificial additives at bay. When I followed the guidance, enthusiastically shaking the bottle and partaking in 1ml with my meal, the MCT Coconut Oil made for a velvety vehicle that also supported CBD absorption.

When discussing efficacy, the product does not disappoint. The effects materialized steadily, as one would anticipate with oral ingestion, awarding a composed sense of equilibrium and vitality, devoid of any mind-altering effects, courtesy of its 0% THC composition.

What We Like About This Product

  • Premium Broad Spectrum CBD: Enriched with a spectrum of phytocannabinoids to engage the full entourage effect.
  • Natural Flavoring: The invigorating Lemon-Lime flavor, rooted in natural oils, enhances the entire CBD experience.
  • Precision Dosing: Thanks to the dropper, exact measurements are effortlessly attainable.
  • Quality Assurance: The pledge to purity is evident with the vegan, pesticide-free, and solvent-free attributes.
  • Accessible Pricing: Affordably priced at $0.06 per milligram of CBD, representing excellent value for such a high-quality product.


Despite the Koi CBD Oil Tincture's myriad benefits, some considerations could influence consumer choice. The flavor, while authentically sourced, is not universally favored, subject to individual taste preferences. Those with sensitivities to coconut should proceed with caution due to the MCT Coconut Oil content. Furthermore, it is worth noting that this tincture is crafted exclusively for oral use and is not suitable for those seeking a multi-functional oil that can also be vaped.


  • The Broad Spectrum formula guarantees a 0% THC product for peace of mind.
  • A Lemon-Lime flavor profile that's as refreshing as it is natural.
  • An intuitive dropper ensures dosing is both simple and precise.
  • Boasts vegan credentials and is free from pesticides and harsh chemicals.
  • Created by a revered brand known for its openness and high standards.


  • Instills a feeling of tranquility and poise, perfect for daily wellness.
  • Plays a role in stress management and bodily recuperation efforts.
  • Delivers CBD's therapeutic potential without the psychoactivity.
  • Contains antioxidant properties beneficial for the body.
  • Supports a health-forward lifestyle with carefully chosen vegan ingredients.

Final Verdict

To sum up, the Koi CBD Oil Tincture stands as a notable player within the Koi Naturals range, matching the brand’s high expectations. Its broad spectrum recipe, married with a delightful Lemon-Lime inflection, competes boldly in a crowded marketplace. Whether you're well-versed in CBD or just dipping your toes into these waters, this tincture is poised to become a dependable pillar in your pursuit of wellness. Reflecting on its inherent quality, pleasing taste, and the meticulous care woven into its creation, I endorse the Koi CBD Oil Tincture for those in search of a THC-free and flavor-rich CBD option grounded in authenticity and quality.

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