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CBDfx CBD Oil Sleep Tincture with Melatonin Broad Spectrum 2oz Review

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Navigating through the hustle and bustle of modern life, one might find the quest for a good night's sleep increasingly challenging. Aware of this, CBDfx has crafted its CBD Oil Sleep Tincture as a beacon of nocturnal bliss. This elixir, housed in a 2oz bottle, is a symphony of natural elements designed to ferry the weary into the arms of Morpheus. Carefully blending 2000mg of broad-spectrum CBD and 300mg of CBN with the sleep-regulating hormone melatonin, this tincture is a tribute to restful nights. Designed not only to quiet the mind but to nurture the body, users can expect to greet the dawn revitalized, sans the grogginess that often tags along with traditional sleep aids. Price-wise, it strikes a promising balance of affordability and quality at $0.04 per mg of CBD, and MCT oil is the cherry on top for optimal absorption. In this THC-free haven, anyone seeking respite from restless nights can find solace without the quandaries brought on by psychoactive substances.

Hands-on Experience

From the moment the CBD Oil Sleep Tincture arrived, its presentation spoke volumes about the care woven into the product. Encased in a stylish container, the dropper's calibration marks banished any ambiguity in dosing, which I found immensely helpful. The liquid itself was a testament to clarity and quality, almost crystal-like in its purity. Affordability is another feather in its cap, considering the blend of premium components that promise to ease one into a serene slumber. Administering the tincture was a user-friendly affair; I deployed the dropper's contents under my tongue an hour before bedtime, as advised. Each drop carried the essence of nature, devoid of the bitterness that some may expect from such concoctions. The effects crept in gently, the day's tension dissolving into a state of tranquility followed by undisturbed sleep. Remarkably, daylight welcomed me without the usual fog of sluggishness. CBDfx's decision to offer the tincture in varying potencies is quite considerate, accommodating diverse tolerance levels and needs. What's more, the transparency regarding their ingredients, right down to the domestically sourced hemp and stringent lab testing, fortified my trust. The use of broad-spectrum CBD promised an 'entourage effect,' maximizing the tincture's potential for rest without the worry of THC’s side-effects.

What We Like About This Product

  • The thoughtful formulation excludes THC, offering wellness without intoxication.
  • This tincture's triad of CBD, CBN, and melatonin is like a lullaby in liquid form.
  • The calibrated dropper dispels dosing dilemmas, delivering precision with ease.
  • Each batch's purity and potency are verified through rigorous lab testing.
  • Options abound with multiple potencies to tailor the experience to individual preferences.
  • Affordability is front and center, ensuring access without compromising on quality.
  • The hemp's organic legacy and domestic roots echo the brand's commitment to excellence.


  • Its potent soporific sway restricts usage to times reserved for rest.
  • Full alertness may take a backseat post-consumption, caution is paramount.


CBDfx's CBD Oil Sleep Tincture is the stuff of dreams for those in pursuit of quality slumber. Its formula—a harmonious mix of broad-spectrum CBD with CBN—and a touch of melatonin and soporific terpenes, evokes the perfect setting for night-time rejuvenation. The MCT oil not only bolsters bioavailability but adds to the product's charm, making it approachable for the cautious and the curious alike. It’s a product that doesn't shy away from its THC-free promise, catering to a broad audience with varying desires and necessities.


  • Fosters a tranquil aura, dimming the day's echoes for nighttime peace.
  • Encourages more profound, uninterrupted sleep, redefining rest.
  • Ensures a clear-headed awakening, free from the cobwebs of drowsiness.
  • Though effective, it may be overwhelming for some, speaking to its potent nature.
  • Stands as a beacon for those steering away from traditional pharmaceutical sleep aids.

Final Verdict

In the tapestry of sleep aids, CBDfx's CBD Oil Sleep Tincture with Melatonin is a standout thread, interwoven with natural ingredients that deliver on their soporific promises. This product is no mere lullaby but a harmonious serenade that lulls the busy mind to rest without the burdensome hangover of yesteryear’s solutions. The packaging’s user-centric design, coupled with lucid dosing guidance and a potent yet gentle formula, highlights the brand’s dedication to consumer well-being. Prudence, however, remains the watchword, as the tincture's sedative prowess is not to be underestimated. Bearing in mind its capacity to invite profound sleep, I extend my recommendation with enthusiasm to those yearning for a restful repose. The ability to choose from an array of strengths allows for a personalized approach, inviting a customizable experience for the user. CBDfx's sustained commitment to quality and customer satisfaction underlines their CBD Oil Sleep Tincture as a dependable ally in the quest for nocturnal tranquility.

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