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Charlotte's Web Full Spectrum CBD Cooling Gel 510mg Review

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The esteemed brand Charlotte's Web is often associated with premium CBD essentials, and their Full Spectrum CBD Cooling Gel upholds this reputation with aplomb. Designed for individuals seeking a more focused means of muscle recovery and relief, the gel comes in a compact 1.7oz container, abundant with 510mg of full-spectrum CBD. This translates to a robust 17mg of CBD per 1ml serving, meticulously intertwined with nature's own menthol and arnica to maximize the cooling and healing properties these elements are celebrated for.

Charlotte's Web commits to excellence in every creation, and this gel is no different. With vegan, gluten-free ingredients, the company sidesteps common allergens, synthetic perfumes, and any unnecessaries that could compromise its integrity. As a champion of ethical business with B Corp Certification, Charlotte's Web proves their dedication extends beyond the individual to encompass broader ecological responsibilities. Their CBD is purified using a CO2 extraction process, ensuring a product free from impurities, and they source their hemp from within the USA as a testament to their commitment to quality and environmental sustainability. With THC levels kept firmly below the 0.3% legal limit, users can embrace the gel's benefits without the haze of psychoactive effects.

Hands-on Experience

First impressions last, and Charlotte's Web CBD Cooling Gel does not disappoint. The packaging is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, featuring a pump that dispenses an ideal dime-sized portion of gel with every use. This design eliminates the fuss and muss, standardizing dosage and simplifying the experience.

The feel of the gel is remarkable; it is light, non-sticky, and it merges swiftly with the skin without leaving any traces, permitting one to dress immediately afterwards. The scent is a fresh whisper of mint, originating from natural menthol, which awakens the senses without overwhelming them.

At a price of $1.33 per serving, this gel is positioned as an affordable luxury in comparison to other upscale CBD-based offerings. Considering the caliber of the ingredients and the brand's esteemed status, this expenditure seems perfectly reasonable. The relief it provides is both palpable and expedient, and the long-term advantages of regular use underscore its worthiness as an investment in one’s well-being.

The most impressive feature, perhaps, is the swift onset of the cooling effect, producing immediate and gratifying relief. This is especially valuable for those with sore muscles after strenuous physical activity or those seeking quick comfort. Moreover, the confidence gained from using a product devoid of parabens, PEGs, and artificial colorings is of significant value in a world where the demand for pure and conscientious consumer products is rapidly growing.

What We Like About This Product

  • Expertly crafted, full-spectrum CBD blend for maximum benefit.
  • User-friendly pump dispenser for effortless application.
  • Commitment to cleanliness, free from common allergens, and synthetic chemicals.
  • Instantaneous cooling relief to soothe the muscles.
  • Conscientious ingredient sourcing and certified manufacturing practices.


Even with its list of impressive qualities, this product may not perfectly align with every consumer's needs. For some, the cooling effect might be too subtle, particularly for those accustomed to more intense topical pain relievers. Additionally, the price per bottle may be daunting for budget-conscious individuals. These points, however, are minor compared to the overall value and efficacy provided by the gel.


Charlotte's Web CBD Cooling Gel truly stands out with its all-encompassing, thoughtful formulation. Its full-spectrum, gluten-free, and vegan attributes cater to a wide variety of users. The addition of naturally derived menthol and arnica, coupled with a commitment to cruelty-free development and avoidance of toxic additives, propels this product to the forefront of its class. The brand's focus on responsible sourcing and ethical manufacturing practices further endears it to the environmentally savvy shopper.


  • Soothing Relief: Immediate cooling action that diminishes muscle soreness.
  • Muscle Recovery: Promotes muscle healing following physical activities with regular application.
  • Quality Ingredients: Top-tier, natural ingredients for a trustworthy and effective topical application.
  • Certified and Compliant: Carries B Corp and US Hemp Authority Certifications, maintaining strict adherence to THC regulations.

Final Verdict

The Charlotte's Web CBD Cooling Gel stands as a testament to the brand's promise of quality and efficacy. For those in pursuit of natural muscle recovery and relief, the gel's cooling properties, bolstered by CBD's therapeutic potential, present a compelling choice. While the price may be a point of contemplation for some, the investment reflects the product's premium quality. The company's adherence to sustainable, ethical practices ensures this gel is a recommended pick for both newcomers to CBD and longtime aficionados. Anyone in search of a dependable, ethically produced, and efficient CBD topical should look no further than Charlotte's Web CBD Cooling Gel.

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