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Chronic Candy CBD Lollipops OG Watermelon 6ct Review

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Embarking on a wellness journey has never been more delightful! Chronic Candy’s CBD Lollipops Baggies now come with the succulent OG Watermelon flavor, capturing the essence of summer in every lick. Renowned for their progressive approach in the CBD confectionery landscape, Chronic Candy has consistently been at the forefront of delighting consumers with top-shelf products. Each bag brings six individually crafted lollipops, infused with a robust 30mg of broad-spectrum CBD - a perfect mix for those seeking to weave the benefits of cannabinoids into their lives without any intoxicating effects, as these treats are utterly devoid of THC. Not only does this addition scintillate the palette with an exciting new taste, but it also upholds the brand’s tradition of excellence set by their popular Blue Dream and Strawberry flavors. Balancing affordability with exceptional quality, these lollipops offer a practical and flavorful CBD experience to enjoy wherever, whenever.

Hands-on Experience

From the moment the package is in hand, one can't help but be drawn to the eye-catching design that heralds the bursts of flavor waiting within. Meticulous care in wrapping each lollipop guarantees that the product you receive is as fresh as the day it was made. The refreshing watermelon taste is perfectly balanced - not too overpowering, yet rich enough to indulge those sweet cravings. At a thoughtful price point, each milligram of CBD delivers value not just in cost, but in the wellness it promotes.

Practicality shines with these lollipops; they are effortless to enjoy, whether you're out running errands or seeking a moment of tranquility at home. Discretion is also key, with a design that makes CBD intake subtle and hassle-free. The 30mg serving strikes a harmonious chord, offering a sense of calm that's noticeable but never too potent. Especially for those who must navigate THC restrictions due to workplace regulations or personal preference, here is a product that offers peace of mind along with the potential wellness benefits of CBD.

What We Like About This Product

  • The tantalizing OG Watermelon flavor is a novel and exquisite addition to the CBD treat repertoire.
  • Accurate dosage of 30mg broad-spectrum CBD per lollipop enables precise management of intake.
  • A formula devoid of THC meets the needs of consumers who steer clear of any mind-altering effects.
  • Designed for the utmost convenience and discretion in mind, the packaging is perfect for those with active lifestyles.
  • Attainable pricing shows the brand's commitment to making CBD accessible.


  • The sugar content should be a consideration for those monitoring their diet or dealing with sugar sensitivities.
  • Individual reactions to CBD vary, which means some may have differing experiences with the product's effects.
  • It's important to note that without FDA approval, the guarantees regarding the efficiency and safety of CBD products generally come with less certainty.


Standing out in the crowd, Chronic Candy's CBD Lollipops Baggies radiate with vibrant flavors, straight-forward dosing, and the guarantee of a THC-free indulgence. Their steadfast commitment to providing a considerable CBD potency per pop, combined with unparalleled ease for consumers, positions this delightful treat among the top contenders within the CBD edibles sphere. The inclusion of a broad spectrum of cannabinoids invites users to experience the entourage effect, all the while ensuring that THC is nowhere to be found.


  • Designed to usher in serenity, these lollipops may play a role in managing stress and promoting relaxation.
  • With regular use, the 30mg of CBD could assist in alleviating discomfort and reducing inflammation.
  • The fun and flavorsome nature of these lollipops give CBD consumption an enjoyable twist.
  • Being THC-free, they are a secure choice for those with drug testing concerns or seeking only non-psychoactive health benefits.

Final Verdict

Chronic Candy’s CBD Lollipops Baggies, drenched in the new OG Watermelon flavor, offer up a symphony of tastes that make CBD consumption a sheer pleasure. This product skillfully marries flavor with function, serving up a CBD experience that's as enjoyable as it is effective. A thoughtful choice for anyone seeking a THC-free, discreet, and mobile CBD option, it’s a commendable addition to any wellness routine. Despite considerations like the fixed dosage and sugar content, these are mere blips when weighed against the product’s broad appeal. If your palate is curious and you’re keen to explore CBD’s potential in a fun, delectable form, these lollipops are well worth savoring.

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