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Elixinol Calm Dog 10mg CBD Peanut Butter Chews with Tryptophan & Chamomile 30ct Review

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Amid an ever-expanding range of pet wellness products, Elixinol's Calm Dog Chews emerge as a beacon of hope for pet parents grappling with their canine companions' nerves and boundless energy. These chews are not just treats; they're part of a burgeoning movement toward holistic pet care, wherein natural and nurturing options are favored over conventional pharmaceuticals. Nestled within each jar, a pet owner will discover 30 morsels teeming with a blend of THC-free cannabinoids, reinforced by Tryptophan and Chamomile—ingredients renowned for their soothing essence. Each chew delivers 10mg of CBD, purposefully formulated to bolster your dog's mental tranquility sans the mind-altering effects of THC. This review delves into the transformative potential of these chews for fostering a serene and joyful state in our four-legged pals.

Hands-on Experience

Prioritizing our dogs' well-being is second nature for those of us who share our lives with them. Elixinol has crafted Calm Dog Chews with such consideration at heart. The product's packaging is sturdy and practical, ensuring the treats maintain their freshness over time. The cost is quite fair when you consider the premium nature of the ingredients and the assurance provided by the US Hemp Authority's seal of approval. Priced at $0.08 per 1mg of CBD, these chews hold their own in the competitive landscape of upper-tier CBD pet indulgences.

The chews' consistency is pleasantly chewy and gelatinous, catering to canines across the age spectrum, including seniors who may struggle with harder snacks. The choice to infuse the treats with a peanut butter flavor demonstrates a keen understanding of canine preferences, cleverly disguising the natural taste of CBD that some dogs might find less appealing.

Elixinol exhibits meticulous attention to detail with the inclusion of a dosing chart that caters to the size of each dog, enabling a customizable approach to finding each dog's ideal calming dose. The brand's commitment to safety is also apparent in their rigorous testing for THC content, with a threshold of 0.01% to guarantee no euphoric side effects.

What We Like About This Product

  • Finest natural ingredients foster overall canine health
  • Chewy texture that dogs can easily savor and digest
  • Alluring peanut butter taste that's a hit with the canine crowd
  • Precise dosage recommendations for small to large breeds
  • A THC-free composition for peace of mind
  • Endorsement by the US Hemp Authority signifying exceptional quality


Though the attributes are impressive, potential purchasers should consider a few points. The impact of CBD can be unpredictable, depending on the individual dog, and a perfect match for one may not be the same for another. Pet owners must adhere to the suggested serving sizes and remain observant of their companions' response to the chews. Furthermore, the chews contain gelatin, which may not align with the dietary choices of pet owners who prefer plant-based products for their animal friends.


  • Comprehensive Broad Spectrum CBD, offering a full cannabinoid profile without THC
  • Enhanced with Tryptophan and Chamomile for amplified serenity
  • User-friendly for pet owners, with a flavor that promotes eager consumption
  • Endorsed quality from a well-regarded certification authority
  • Ample 30-chew jar, supplying a month of calming treats for various dog sizes


  • Calming: The blend of CBD, Tryptophan, and Chamomile is crafted to ease anxiety and foster relaxation in dogs.
  • Non-intoxicating: These THC-free treats are fit for daily use and will not produce a 'high' in pets.
  • Palatable: With the universally loved peanut butter flavor, these chews make administering CBD a hassle-free delight.
  • Benefits and Shortcomings: Reception to the product may differ with each dog's individual reaction to CBD and the calming herbs. Some may find great relief in the chews, while others might show less noticeable changes.

Final Verdict

Wading through the sea of pet CBD offerings, Elixinol's Calm Dog Chews stand out as a formidable option. These chews ingeniously integrate the wellness properties of CBD with natural calmatives like Tryptophan and Chamomile, all wrapped up in a tempting peanut butter flavor. While they may significantly ease anxiety and hyperactivity in some pets, a tailored approach might be necessary for others, possibly involving additional attention from their caregivers. It's always wise to seek a veterinarian's advice before incorporating new supplements into your pet's diet, especially if there are existing health concerns or ongoing medications.

For those seeking a gentle and sober avenue to tranquility for their dogs, Elixinol's Calm Dog Chews merit consideration. The brand's dedication to quality, safety, and transparency is evident through its compliance with industry benchmarks and validations, making this product a solid choice for conscientious pet owners. Taking into account the numerous benefits and the few caveats, these chews could be the secret to a more serene and contented furry companion.

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