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Hemp Bombs Chicken Pet CBD Oil 1000mg Review

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In the realm of pet care, a surge of interest has emerged towards all-natural remedies to enrich the lives of our cherished companions. Hemp Bombs' Pet CBD Oil, infused with a savory chicken flavor, emerges as a prime example of this trend. This 30ml elixir is imbued with 1000mg of robust, full-spectrum CBD, meticulously extracted from industrially cultivated hemp within the fertile soils of the United States. Designed to be versatile, the product offers 60 servings, ensuring that whether you’re the guardian of a pint-sized poodle or a larger-than-life Labrador, there’s a suitable dosage available.

This oil is not simply a soothing supplement; it is a nod to the standards of human care, adhering to rigorous sourcing and production protocols. The trace amount of THC, under 0.3%, affirms its non-intoxicating nature, while allowing it to remain compliant with the laws spanning all 50 states. The palatable chicken flavor is no accident—it's concocted to delight the discerning palates of pets, aiming to contribute to their sense of tranquility, enhance relaxation, and bolster their overall vitality. Independent laboratory verifications guarantee that what you're giving your pet is not only safe but also consistent in its potency.

Hands-on Experience

The arrival of the Hemp Bombs Pet CBD Oil was an event marked by an impression of genuine thoughtfulness. The bottle's integrity is immediately apparent, complemented by labels that succinctly provide key information encompassing recommended dosages, comprehensive ingredient listings, and additional pertinent data. Priced at $60, the oil sits at a reasonable cost-benefit intersection, especially when you consider the substantial CBD potency packed within.

When it came to usability, I found the product refreshingly simple to handle. Armed with a precise dropper, administering the oil is a breeze, either directly or sneakily mixed into a bowl of kibble. My ordinarily picky pooch greeted the chicken flavor with unexpected enthusiasm. I adhered to the suggested starting dosage and remained vigilant for any immediate adverse reactions.

Observing the results required a modicum of patience. A slight, but sure shift in my canine’s behavior became evident after a consistent weeklong regimen, particularly during episodes that would normally send him into a tailspin. With the passage of two weeks, the transformation was no longer subtle; the therapeutic build-up of CBD was becoming visibly clear. The manufacturer's claim of absorption within about an hour seemed to sync with the calming effects I noticed unfolding.

What We Like About This Product

  • Safety is paramount with the use of human-grade ingredients.
  • A spectrum of cannabinoids enhances the therapeutic effects.
  • A delectable chicken flavor that pets eagerly accept.
  • Effortless dosing is achieved with the included dropper.
  • Independent lab assessments confirm the product's integrity.


  • Results can be unpredictable, as some pets may need time to respond to CBD.
  • The initial outlay may be a bit steep for budget-conscious pet parents.
  • Veterinary guidance is suggested, adding another step to the wellness journey.


  • A robust 1000mg of full-spectrum CBD housed in a convenient 30ml bottle.
  • Each serving contains 16.67mg of CBD, offering flexibility for pets of diverse sizes.
  • Infused with a pleasing chicken flavor that masks the natural earthiness of hemp.
  • Features less than 0.3% THC, ensuring pets remain bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
  • Administering the oil is a cinch, whether added to meals or given orally.


  • Promotes Calm and Relaxation: May significantly lessen stress and anxiety for a more serene pet.
  • Supports Overall Health: Harnessing CBD's potential benefits for a holistic approach to pet wellness.
  • Palatability: The taste is engineered to maximize acceptance, a boon for finicky eaters.
  • Gradual Onset: Steady use is the key to unlocking the cumulative advantages, though immediate results should not be expected.

Final Verdict

After thorough scrutiny, Hemp Bombs Pet CBD Oil, flavored with chicken essence, stands tall as an exemplary choice for those nurturing the health of their pets. The product radiates quality and precision, distinguishing itself in a vibrant yet crowded marketplace. It offers an impressive roster of attributes: ingredients that could grace a human's plate, a full spectrum of health-promoting cannabinoids, and a taste that animals seem to adore. While the cost may give some pause, and the timing of its benefits requires a degree of anticipation, the value delivered through quality and concentration is well justified.

For dedicated pet owners in pursuit of a CBD solution grounded in pet health and happiness, Hemp Bombs charts a trustworthy path. It remains essential to consult with a veterinarian beforehand, especially for the more delicate or youthful members of the animal kingdom. Weighing my positive experience and Hemp Bombs' meticulous attention to detail in their Pet CBD Oil, this product emerges as a worthy addition to any pet wellness strategy.

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