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Elixinol Calm Stress Support CBD Capsules with Ashwagandha Review

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Embarking on a path to tranquility and wellness, Elixinol's Calm Stress Support CBD Capsules masterfully craft a peaceful state with their unique concoction. The formula intertwines full-spectrum CBD with the revered ashwagandha herb, facilitating a soothing and supportive experience for those navigating the ebbs and flows of daily stress. Encased within each bottle are 60 vegetarian capsules, collectively delivering 900 mg of CBD. That boils down to a gentle yet effective 15 mg per capsule. Embracing a philosophy that interlaces time-honored herbal traditions with the advanced science of modern CBD extraction, the product boasts an origin of hemp cultivated on U.S. soil. Full-spectrum means you're getting the full symphony of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids and a THC level that sits under 0.3%, keeping in line with legal regulations. Meanwhile, Elixinol's supercritical CO2 extraction method shines through, showcasing their no-compromise stance on purity and clean processing. This product is a testament to Elixinol's ethos of inclusion and conscious production, offering a vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, lactose-free, cruelty-free, and kosher option for a wide-ranging audience.

Hands-on Experience

Opening the box of Elixinol Calm Stress Support CBD Capsules felt like uncovering a treasure chest of serenity. The packaging's eco-conscious design echoed the company's dedication to preserving our planet's resources, and the crisp clarity of the label instilled confidence from the outset. When considering the pricing, I found the cost to hover around $0.06 for each milligram of CBD, a price point that struck me as quite fair, especially given the addition of ashwagandha, and the premium extraction techniques. The packaging was both sturdy and unassuming, safeguarding the capsules effectively while maintaining a low profile. The capsules themselves glided down effortlessly – the liquid form is a boon for anyone who dislikes the gritty texture or pungent taste often associated with hemp products. The product's appeal spans across a variety of users, thanks to its adherence to so many dietary and lifestyle considerations. An added bonus comes from the MCT coconut oil, which acts as a catalyst, optimizing the absorption of both CBD and ashwagandha into the body, thus magnifying their potential benefits.

What We Like About This Product

  • The full-spectrum CBD exerts the praised 'entourage effect', where multiple components synergistically enhance the overall benefit.
  • The addition of ashwagandha is an excellent touch, hailing from a long tradition of herbal stress relief.
  • The CO2 extraction spells out a dedication to environmental care and a commitment to product purity.
  • The liquid capsules are a treat for the palate, dissolving smoothly and sparing you from any unwanted flavors.
  • It is a champion of inclusivity, aligning with a variety of dietary needs and ethical preferences.
  • The transparency of labeling instills confidence with clear, straightforward instructions.


  • Individual experiences may swing widely, meaning effects aren't uniform across all users.
  • The trace amounts of THC might not align with the preferences of every consumer out there.
  • While many herald its benefits, the FDA has not issued evaluations regarding specific health claims.


In a sea of stress relief supplements, the Elixinol Calm Stress Support CBD Capsules are a beacon. Their harmonized blend of full-spectrum CBD and ashwagandha is designed not just to alleviate stress but to provide a complete strategy for mood management. This product stands apart with its empathetic nod towards a broad audience, ensuring its widespread applicability and benefit, thanks to its mindful formulation. The gold standard of production, encapsulated by the supercritical CO2 extraction technique, ensures you're receiving a product of utmost cleanliness and potency.


  • Stress Relief: The fusion of ashwagandha with CBD aims to diminish cortisol levels, offering support against life's routine pressures.
  • Mood Balance: There's a chance for stabilizing mood swings, fostering a sense of mental equilibrium.
  • Absorption: With MCT oil in the mix, the bioavailability of each ingredient is significantly heightened, ensuring your body reaps the full rewards.
  • Side Effects: While the capsules are typically well-received, some may encounter minimal discomfort or sensitivity.

Final Verdict

For those seeking solace in nature's bounty, Elixinol's Calm Stress Support CBD Capsules offer a compelling proposition. They marry the heralded full-spectrum CBD with the stress-combatting prowess of ashwagandha, all while honoring an array of lifestyle and dietary choices. Although the experience may be as individual as the consumer and the slight presence of THC may not be everyone's cup of tea, the undeniable quality and value of these capsules position them as a noteworthy recommendation for anyone looking to incorporate CBD and herbal extracts into their quest for personal harmony and wellness.

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