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cbdMD CBD Gummies Broad Spectrum 60ct 6000mg Review

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Indulge in the delightful world of cbdMD CBD Gummies, your ticket to holistic well-being wrapped in a symphony of fruity flavors. Renowned for their unwavering dedication to excellence, cbdMD has once again captured the essence of potency and taste in their standout edible collection, particularly appealing for those in search of non-psychoactive health benefits. Picture this: each of the 60 tantalizing gummies delivers a robust 100mg of broad-spectrum CBD, culminating in a substantial 6000mg across the whole jar, perfect for anyone from the daily jogger to the professional athlete seeking harmony in body and mind.

Fruit flavors like strawberry, orange, raspberry, and a mystery tropical blend dance on the palate, making each gosh-darned bite a mini-escape to an island of relaxation. The gummies' vegan and gluten-free virtues shine bright, ensuring that they fit seamlessly into the dietary needs of the conscientious eater. Extracted with eco-friendly CO2 from homegrown USA industrial hemp, these gummies pack a punch of purity without a whisper of GMOs, crafted in compliance with the most rigorous of manufacturing coinsures.

Hands-on Experience

The moment the lid pops off the sturdy jar of cbdMD CBD Gummies, an aromatic bouquet of natural fruit scents wafts through the air, signaling the quality within. Encased in packaging that speaks to the care and attention invested in the product, the gummies exude a confidence that extends to their shelf life and efficacy.

Initially, the $89.99 price tag may raise eyebrows, but when broken down to a mere $3.00 per power-packed serving, it registers as a savvy investment in your serenity. These gummies melt in your mouth with a finesse that is both satisfying to chew and a joy to savor, free of the synthetic sweetness that plagues lesser rivals. They deliver a serene blanket of calm without the haze or weariness often associated with their THC-laden counterparts, allowing me, as an athlete, to stay sharp and centered during my routines.

What We Like About This Product

  • The generous CBD allotment of 100mg per gummy stands as a testament to its potency.
  • A broad-spectrum CBD blend offers a rich array of cannabinoids and terpenes for a full-bodied effect.
  • The absence of THC is a godsend for those who need or choose to steer clear of this particular cannabinoid.
  • Dietary inclusivity at its best: vegan and gluten-free to meet diverse needs.
  • Nature-derived sweeteners and pure flavors support a wholesome and gratifying user journey.
  • CO2 extraction signifies a nod to both the purity of the product and eco-conscious practices.
  • Each batch undergoes rigorous testing, assuring consumers of its safety and quality.


The cbdMD CBD Gummies are not without their limitations. For those just stepping into the world of CBD, the 100mg per sweet might seem a daunting introduction. The cost, too, might stretch the wallet thin for those seeking a more consistent, multi-dose daily regimen. Furthermore, the invocation of the California Proposition 65 warning bellows caution; the claim of being THC-free stands, yet the merest presence of detectable chemicals might unsettle the strictest of wellness aficionados or those navigating the legal labyrinth.


  • Each bottle serves up a 30-day supply, dosed at 200mg of CBD daily.
  • The flavor profile bursts with a bouquet of natural, fruit-derived essences.
  • They offer a discreet and straightforward approach to CBD consumption.
  • Especially designed with the needs of athletes and therapeutic seekers in mind.
  • Fostered by a brand synonymous with quality, transparency, and trust.


  • Known to foster a sense of tranquility and overall well-being.
  • Commonly utilized for relief from discomfort and inflammation control.
  • Helps to stabilize mood without the risk of inducing drowsiness or inertia.
  • A valuable ally for those keen on upholding wellness rituals, especially when physical activity is involved.
  • Ensures a THC-free consumption, pivotal for individuals subject to drug testing or sensitive to the effects of THC.

Final Verdict

The cbdMD CBD Gummies earn their stripes in the competitive CBD landscape, with their heavyweight CBD concentration, commitment to ingredient integrity, and a broad-spectrum formulation that does not disappoint. The value for money becomes apparent in consideration of the potency and purity on offer, and the brand's meticulous production approach resonates through every bite. These gummies are a treat for the palate and a boon for daily health routines, shining especially bright for athletes and those seeking the curative edge of CBD sans THC.

Whether you're dipping a toe into the CBD waters or navigating dietary restrictions, cbdMD's gummies are a top choice. While the outlay might be a tad heftier than other options on the market, the assurance of stellar ingredients, a transparent creation process, and rigorous safety checks make every cent count. Like with any nutritional adjunct, start small, and if necessary, seek the wisdom of a healthcare pro, especially when pregnant, breastfeeding, or managing a specific health condition. With a judicious approach, the cbdMD CBD Gummies could very well revolutionize your wellness repertoire.

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