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Endoca CBD Suppositories 50mg Full Spectrum 10ct Review

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Venturing into the world of CBD can be as intriguing as it is beneficial, and Endoca's CBD Suppositories are a testament to this versatility. Tailored for individuals who face challenges with oral consumption or who prefer alternative methods, these suppositories make quite an impression with a robust 50mg of CBD per individual piece. Within each 10-count box lies a combined total of 500mg of full-spectrum CBD, encapsulating a broader range of hemp's natural compounds beyond CBD alone. The hallmark of Endoca’s product is its rich spectrum of phytocannabinoids, including the ever-relevant terpenes, which band together in a synergistic dance known as the entourage effect. This phenomenon is believed to amplify CBD's reputed health benefits. Besides their potency, these suppositories assure users of their mild nature, containing a scant amount of THC, under 0.2%, thus eliminating any concerns about psychoactive consequences. These suppositories also proudly wear the badge of being vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO, casting a wide net to accommodate diverse lifestyle preferences and dietary needs, free from the shadows of artificial additives.

Hands-on Experience

From the moment the package arrives, it's clear that Endoca has thoughtfully crafted a discreet, and portable solution for CBD therapy. The packaging itself whispers convenience, making dose management while out and about a breeze. Printed on the box are the articulate instructions for rectal or vaginal use, prioritizing user safety and ease. Diving into the economics, the cost per mg of CBD is economically poised at $0.09 – a fair market price, given the high bioavailability and full-spectrum profile of these suppositories. Despite any initial trepidation regarding the use of suppositories, Endoca has smoothed the path for its customers. They recommend a simple trick for ease of insertion: a dab of water to serve as a lubricant. The kaleidoscope of cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, and CBN, alongside a suite of terpenes, enriches the therapeutic potential of the product. Moreover, the choice of organic coconut oil as a carrier oil underscores Endoca’s commitment to premium ingredients. Once you’re ready to use the suppository, the simplicity of the design shines; the suppository effortlessly opens along a pre-marked "V" cut. The brand's thoughtful approach extends to the unfortunate event of a broken suppository, providing a no-fuss remedy—just warm, reshape, and refrigerate it for future use. This practical adaptability exemplifies user-centric design and an eco-conscious ethos.

What We Like About This Product

  • The high bioavailability ensures that the body makes the most of the CBD
  • A full-spectrum hemp extract that leverages the entourage effect for superior efficacy
  • Tranquil peace of mind knowing there’s virtually no THC
  • Inclusion of vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients appeals to those attentive to health and wellness
  • The unassuming and practical packaging stands out for those always on the move
  • The versatile application with options for either rectal or vaginal use


  • Some might find the very notion of suppositories less than appealing
  • For those watching their budget, it’s worth noting that these can run a tad more expensive relative to other CBD mediums
  • Usage might call for a private setting, which isn't always convenient


The essence of what makes Endoca's CBD Suppositories shine is their potent dosage coupled with their impressive absorption capabilities. The full-spectrum hemp extract does not merely contain CBD; it is fortified with a diversity of cannabinoids and terpenes, all intended to enhance overall well-being through a more holistic approach. What's more, Endoca's conscientious ingredient selection is laudable, offering a product free from GMOs and synthetic ingredients. The user-friendly nature of the product is further exemplified by its ability to be remolded, reducing waste and serving a dual purpose in both design and environmental mindfulness.


  • Swift absorption can be a game-changer, providing prompt relief for some users
  • Encourages a holistic wellness routine with its diverse phytochemical profile
  • The minimal THC content ensures users experience the full benefits without psychoactive effects
  • Presents an effective solution for those with specific digestive or absorption issues

Final Verdict

For those in pursuit of a potent and efficient CBD delivery system that sidesteps traditional oral ingestion, Endoca's CBD Suppositories stand out as a formidable choice. Particularly appealing for those seeking an unobtrusive and discreet method, this product fulfills its promises of superb bioavailability and full-spectrum advantage. While suppositories might not be the go-to for everyone, for adventurers in the CBD world, Endoca's offering is an innovation worth considering. With the perfect blend of strong dosage, impeccable ingredient integrity, and a design that speaks to a consumer-centric philosophy, these CBD Suppositories emerge as a distinguished option in the sprawling CBD landscape.

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