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Green Roads Apple Kiwi Bliss CBD Oil 1500mg Review

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Staking its claim in the bustling realm of wellness aids, Green Roads emerges as a trusted leader, unfurling its range of CBD products with a keen eye for excellence. Casting its spell in the form of the vibrant Apple Kiwi Bliss flavored Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, this concoction delivers a concoction brimming with the promises of cannabidiol. Each 30 ml bottle provides an ample 1500 mg of CBD, which translates neatly into a robust 50 mg per each 1 ml dropperful. With its fair pricing strategy, this oil masterfully balances affordability with a high-strength formulation, ensuring a broad appeal. Notably devoid of THC, it is crafted to align with federal guidelines, presenting a product that sidesteps the psychoactive fray while offering the myriad benefits CBD is celebrated for.

Hands-on Experience

My introduction to this CBD oil was met with an appreciation for its thoughtful presentation. The bottle, a portable beacon of wellness, measures up with handy proportions and comes joined by a dosing tool that dispenses with uncertainty—a boon for those navigating their CBD journey. The label plays host to a QR code, a direct portal to lab tests, affirming Green Roads' allegiance to transparency.

The Apple Kiwi Bliss flavor emerged as an unexpected delight, mingling the crispness of apples with the zesty punch of kiwi—a masterstroke in flavor engineering that cleverly veils the CBD's natural earthiness. The recommended usage ritual felt almost ceremonial, adding a simple but structured cadence to my daily routine. The dosing tool proved indispensable, enabling me to tailor my intake with precision.

The value proposition here is well-crafted—each milligram of CBD costing a mere seven cents strikes a chord of economic wisdom without scrimping on quality. Ingredients like MCT oil and sunflower lecithin not only enhance bioavailability but also bring their own suite of health benefits, making this oil a composite of well-rounded advantages.

What We Like About This Product

Delving into Green Roads' CBD oil reveals multiple facets that win our favor:

  • Flavor Profile: The Apple Kiwi Bliss is a refreshing twist that enlivens the palate in a delightful dance of flavors.
  • Pharmacist Formulated: A proprietary blend, designed by medicinal experts, underpins this oil's claim to therapeutic prowess.
  • Third-party Lab Testing: The brand's commitment to unassailable quality shines through with its routine and accessible lab tests.
  • Strength: The potent 50 mg per ml serving addresses the desires of those seeking a more intensive CBD experience.
  • THC-Free: Ensuring a pure CBD journey, the formulation excludes THC, catering to those who wish to steer clear of this cannabinoid.


Yet, it's wise to tread with awareness of certain limitations:

  • Despite the flavor's charm, it might not cater to purists who favor the undiluted hemp essence.
  • The cost, while fair, might stretch thin for those requiring liberal, sustained dosings.
  • The absence of in-house cultivated hemp might give pause to those who prize the seed-to-sale model for its traceability.


Green Roads' CBD Oil, with its Apple Kiwi Bliss flavor, distinguishes itself through its delectable taste, which masks the typical hemp profile, and its potent and carefully crafted formulation. Elevated by an unwavering focus on user experience, this product also boasts exemplary quality control measures and an intuitive packaging design that simplifies dosing.


  • Known for fostering tranquility and easing daily stress, it's an ally in the pursuit of calm.
  • It remains non-intoxicating and harmonizes with the body's systems without eliciting the detrimental "munchies" or impairment.
  • Individual responses can vary, so seeking medical counsel for tailored guidance remains prudent.

Final Verdict

Bracketed among quality, flavor, and strength, Green Roads' Broad Spectrum CBD Oil scores high across the board. The Apple Kiwi Bliss incarnation provides a palate-pleasing alternative to the norm, and the brand's zeal for quality deserves applause. Although the investment might overshadow some of its peers, the attributes it brings to the table make it a sound choice for those who value purity and effect. Whether you're well acquainted with CBD's virtues or just embarking on its exploration, this oil promises to be a reliable companion in your personal wellness odyssey.

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