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Green Roads Extra Strength CBD Relax Bears Gummies 750mg Review

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Green Roads has carved a niche for itself within the thriving CBD market, earning accolades for its unwavering quality and potent formulations. Among its illustrious lineup, the Extra Strength CBD Relax Bears Gummies shine bright. These delightful edibles come as a batch of 30, each infused with an impressive 25mg of CBD—totaling a generous 750mg of CBD per container. These gummies are conceived as a fortified variant of the original Relax Bears, crafted for those who seek a deeper level of tranquility. Notably free from THC, they present a sound choice for enthusiasts eager to indulge in the benefits of CBD without the risk of encountering THC's mind-altering effects.

Hands-on Experience

Unboxing the Green Roads Extra Strength Relax Bears reveals an immediate sense of class. The packaging exudes quality, with a sturdy jar that is as practical as it is portable. It proudly displays its contents and boasts a security seal that ensures the product hasn’t been tampered with. The gummies may be priced at a premium—$1.67 per serving—however, the investment speaks for itself with the high dosage and exceptional quality they offer. Every gummy bear tantalizes the senses, molded into an enticing, cheerful form that sparks a hint of nostalgia. The array of flavors within—Blue Raspberry, Lemon, Cherry, Green Apple, and Orange—sing a symphony of tastes, skillfully mingling sweet and sour notes to veil the natural earthiness of CBD. These gummies come to life in a facility that is cGMP-registered, standing as a beacon of commitment to superb production standards. At $0.07 for every 1mg of CBD, they represent a fair market value, especially when taking into account the immaculate sourcing and stringent manufacturing guidelines they adhere to.

What We Like About This Product

  • The spectrum of flavors caters to all palates, making the consumption of CBD not only tolerable but downright enjoyable.
  • The potent dose per gummy allows for a more robust relaxation, catering to those in need of significant relief from stress.
  • Being completely THC-free, this isolate ensures peace of mind for those concerned about psychoactive components or workplace drug tests.
  • Respecting both dietary and ethical considerations, the product upholds gluten-free and cruelty-free standards.
  • Meticulous in its creation, the gummies are backed by thorough third-party lab testing and utilize the esteemed CO2 extraction method, guaranteeing a product of the utmost purity and strength.


  • They come with a steeper price tag in comparison to some other brands, which might give pause to those with tighter budgets.
  • The inclusion of gelatin may exclude a segment of users, particularly vegetarians and vegans.
  • For the purists among us, the presence of artificial ingredients might be a deal-breaker.


The Extra Strength CBD Relax Bears from Green Roads are the epitome of potency meets pleasure. They resonate well with a wide swath of consumers, from the elderly seeking solace to the everyday CBD aficionado. Sourced from industrial hemp and isolated via CO2 extraction to ensure unrivaled purity, these gummies are proudly American-made. Zero THC content and its isolate profile give users the confidence of indulging without the worry of unintended effects.


  • Calm & Relax: Precision engineered to assist in unwinding and mitigating stress, these gummies aim to promote a serene state of being.
  • Flavor: The curated selection of flavors turns the necessity of daily CBD intake into an anticipated, delightful routine.
  • Quality Assurance: With robust third-party testing, advanced CO2 extraction, and adherence to cGMP standards, these gummies stand as an emblem of reliability.

Final Verdict

To encapsulate, Green Roads' Extra Strength CBD Relax Bears represent the zenith of premium CBD offerings. Their formidable effect, coupled with rigorous quality ingredients and golden manufacturing practices, herald them as a leading choice within the market. Those seeking a pronounced impact from their CBD will find solace in the higher concentration per gummy. The investment, albeit significant, is likely to be deemed worthwhile by discerning users who appreciate the finer things. For allies of THC-free enjoyment, a kaleidoscope of tastes, and staunch quality, these gummies emerge as a superlative selection. Conversely, for the vegan community or individuals staunchly against artificial additives, alternative products might be more aligned with their preferences. All told, Green Roads Extra Strength CBD Relax Bears furnish a dependable and pleasurable avenue to incorporate the virtues of CBD into daily wellness rituals.

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