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3Chi CBN Oil Tincture Broad Spectrum 1000mg Review

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In the ever-evolving landscape of wellness and self-care, 3Chi's CBN Oil Tincture emerges as a beacon for those navigating the world of cannabinoid therapies. This broad-spectrum concoction offers a sanctuary for individuals yearning for nocturnal tranquility without the mind-altering journey THC can induce. The tincture, ensconced in a 30ml container, is infused with a formidable 1000mg dose of cannabinol (CBN), a compound celebrated for its potential to soothe restless minds. But the blend doesn't stop there; it's augmented by an entourage of minor cannabinoids, such as CBD and CBC, all meticulously sourced from organically cultivated hemp. An infusion of bespoke terpenes is the cherry on top, carefully selected to engage CB2 receptors and amplify the tincture's restorative potential. 3Chi's dedication to quality and uncontaminated products is evident throughout their range, securing them a coveted position in the arena of CBD market leaders.

Hands-on Experience

When the 3Chi CBN Oil Tincture arrives, it does so with a presentation that speaks volumes about elite craftsmanship. The packaging doesn't just whisper but speaks clearly of the brand's dedication to superior wellness experiences, offering straightforward instructions and insights. Some may balk at the price tag attached to a 1oz vessel, but the payload of CBN housed within argues its case persuasively—a boon for those who've found little solace in standard CBD offerings. The calibrated dropper is a user's ally, enabling the tailoring of dosage with finesse to accommodate the distinct response each individual may have to cannabinoids. The texture of the oil is a delicate balance—sufficiently rich yet not overly viscous—and is absorbed with ease, leaving no oily aftermath. Its understated flavor whispers of its refined purity, and the inclusion of MCT oil does more than just sit there; it actively enhances the compound's absorption into the body. And yet, it's the transcendent effects that leave an indelible mark. As darkness falls and the world quiets, 3Chi's elixir seems to align itself perfectly with the closing of the day, fostering serenity and beckoning sleep. Yes, it asks for a spot in the cool repose of your fridge to retain its vigor, but isn't that a minor trade for sleep's sweet embrace?

What We Like About This Product

  • The robust CBN concentration provides a solid potential for those pursuing sleep enhancement
  • Assurance of a THC-free experience offers peace of mind for the cautious and curious alike
  • Plant-derived terpenes are crafted to synergize and intensify the tincture's benefits
  • A spectrum of minor cannabinoids enriches the formula, taking a comprehensive approach to well-being
  • Measured dosing enables fine-tuning to one's personal needs and preferences
  • Values-driven consumers will appreciate the organic hemp source


  • Its premium nature may stretch budgets for some, making it less accessible
  • The need for cool storage could be a hurdle for those on the go
  • Individual reactions to the oil may vary, introducing an element of unpredictability
  • Research on CBN's full effects is still budding and not yet comprehensive


Broad Spectrum and THC-Free: A boon for those desiring cannabinoid benefits sans psychoactivity.
Potent CBN Concentration: The generous amount of CBN paves the way for research into its sleep-supporting prowess.
Natural Terpene Blend: Terpenes are chosen with care to potentially amplify the tincture's impact.
Quality Extraction: Sourced from organic hemp, the tincture represents a choice that's both pure and planet-friendly.


  • Aiding those tossing and turning, the tincture holds promise for more consistent slumber
  • Calming properties may help ease the day's stress, inviting relaxation
  • Used alongside THC treatments, it could broaden the therapeutic landscape
  • While some may detect a whisper of intoxication, for others the experience remains clear-headed

Final Verdict

The discourse on cannabinoid innovations welcomes the 3Chi CBN Oil Tincture as a seminal addition worth attention, particularly when the quest involves the elusive pursuit of restful sleep. Its formulation is a thoughtful fusion: broad-spectrum, devoid of THC, and boasting a potent mix that tantalizes with nighttime solace. Although subjective in effect, the precision dosing and organic pedigree position it as a compelling contender for those yearning for restorative slumber. Engaging with a healthcare provider is prudent to dovetail this supplement with one's personal health aspirations. With a lineage of positive user accounts, the 3Chi CBN Oil Tincture stands as a laudable choice, steering toward an integrated path of rest and repose.

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