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Medterra Ultra Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture Citrus 1oz Review

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Delving into the world of CBD can be a transformative journey, and Medterra's Ultra Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture is a prime starting point. Renowned for a sterling reputation of quality and purity, Medterra has crafted a formula that's rich in cannabinoids while ensuring it’s completely devoid of THC. Each amber bottle cradles 30 ml of citrus-infused promise, offering a generous concentration of 1000 mg of CBD. This equates to a substantial 33.33 mg per 1 ml serving, tailored for those who are new to the CBD scene and are cautious about THC.

True to Medterra's ethos of unwavering quality, this product embodies their strict adherence to the rigorous standards mandated by the Kentucky Department of Agricultural Industrial Hemp Pilot Program, alongside a proud certification from the U.S. Hemp Authority. The tincture, steeped in a refreshing citrus burst, strikes an ideal balance with its pricing, making it accessible while upholding an uncompromised standard of excellence.

Hands-on Experience

The Medterra CBD Tincture beckons with its sleek packaging, a testament to the thoughtful design that speaks volumes of the care invested in the product before it even reaches your hands. The solid cap reassures that the oil's purity is well-guarded. The dropper, etched with clear measurements, dispels any ambiguity, ushering in an era of precision that allows for a fine-tuned CBD experience tailored to personal needs.

The infusion of citrus essence transforms the tincture, elevating the taste and ensuring the hemp's natural earthiness plays a subtle role on the palate. This gentle zestiness makes each sublingual dose not just tolerable, but rather a delightful ritual. Visible are the threads of quality woven throughout the product, as evidenced by the inclusion of an array of cannabinoids—CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDV—and naturally occurring terpenes. This broad spectrum blend invites a celebrated 'entourage effect', sans THC.

For those mindful of ingredient lists, the tincture's composition is a breath of fresh air. Organic MCT oil, sourced from coconuts, acts as a luxurious carrier oil, optimizing the absorption of CBD and its companion cannabinoids. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using a THC-free product, knowing there are no psychoactive effects to consider, nor legalities to navigate.

What We Like About This Product

  • Embraces a broad spectrum of CBD oil, complemented by other cannabinoids and terpenes, for a rich and synergistic effect.
  • THC-free formulation for those seeking the holistic benefits of cannabinoids without psychoactive experiences.
  • Commitment to organic, natural ingredients ensures a product free from artificial intrusions.
  • Marked dropper engenders a user-friendly encounter with precise and consistent dosing.
  • Value is evident, with a cost that respects both quality and the consumer's budget.


Despite its many strengths, the Medterra Ultra Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture may not align perfectly with everyone's needs. The absence of THC, while beneficial for some, might be seen as a drawback by those who advocate for a full entourage effect. The flair of flavor options is somewhat muted, which could disappoint the palate of those desiring more variety. Furthermore, veteran users of CBD may lean towards products that offer higher concentrations or varied cannabinoid profiles, seeking a different kind of potency or experience.


  • Free of THC: Dive into the benefits of a broad spectrum CBD, free from THC-related worries.
  • Rich Cannabinoid Mixture: A robust concoction featuring CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and CBDV supports a multi-faceted approach to wellness.
  • Organically Sourced: Indulge in a tincture composed of the finest organic MCT oil and curated natural flavors for a pure, unadulterated experience.
  • Precision in Every Drop: The thoughtful dropper design dispels dosage guesswork, guaranteeing precise, consistent servings.
  • Assured Quality: Rest easy knowing this tincture meets the high standards of the U.S. Hemp Authority's certification process.
  • Welcoming Price Point: Accessible pricing invites newcomers to embrace the CBD lifestyle confidently.


  • Designed to foster relaxation, it might be just what’s needed to temper the edges of anxiety and stress.
  • May serve as a steadfast ally in nurturing a sense of comprehensive calm and enhanced well-being.
  • A potential companion in the quest to manage inflammation and soothe discomfort.
  • When the night beckons, this tincture could be a gentle nudge toward improved sleep rhythms.
  • While its THC-free nature is a boon to many, for some it may mean a missed opportunity to experience the full range of potential benefits.

Final Verdict

The Medterra Ultra Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture stands tall on its promise of premium quality without the presence of THC, making it an ideal choice for newcomers and those who prefer to err on the side of caution. Flaunting an organic ingredient list, meticulously precise dosing, and an invigorating citrus taste, this CBD tincture distinguishes itself as a preferred selection for those seeking the holistic offerings of CBD. While it may not check all the boxes for every CBD aficionado, it holds its ground as a strong contender in the broad spectrum landscape, urging those on their wellness journey to give it due consideration.

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