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Pure Ratios Hemp Extract Topical Salve 25ml Review

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Within the bustling arena of wellness products, the Hemp Extract Topical Salve by Pure Ratios emerges as a testament to innovation and quality. Offering a soothing escape, this 25ml container of salve is more than a simple balm—it’s a comforting companion for those grappling with the nagging nuisances of minor aches and the throes of muscle recuperation. Crafted with a discerning hand, this salve weaves the full-bodied virtues of hemp extract with an ensemble of therapeutic herbs such as arnica for its legendary soothing properties, meadowsweet, and calendula, each revered in herbal lore. Elder-flower and rose petals lend their delicate fragrances, while a concoction of essential oils like ginger and turmeric paints a rich tapestry of scent and sensation.

Boasting homegrown USA hemp and leveraging the sophistication of CO2 extraction, this salve upholds unwavering dedication to purity. It embraces a broad spectrum of users, from the athlete pushing their limits to the senior seeking serenity, and spans the CBD spectrum from novices to aficionados. With its vegan formulation and staunch avoidance of GMOs, inclusivity is paramount. Affordability also shines through, with each 25ml container serving up 25 applications, making the relief it offers as gentle on the wallet ($19.99) as it is on the skin ($0.80 per application).

Hands-on Experience

Upon unboxing the Pure Ratios salve, the sleek and unassuming package whispered discretion, perfect for slipping into a gym bag or purse. It’s a thoughtful consideration for those who prioritize convenience and subtlety in their CBD regimen. The jar, despite its modest 25ml stature, promises ample coverage, neatly balancing size and practicality.

Cracking open the lid, the salve greets you with a bouquet that strikes a fine balance—subtle yet clearly defined, it skirts the extremes of overbearing and negligible. The texture of the salve impresses with its lush creaminess, allowing for a velvety glide over tender spots in need of attention.

As a savvy shopper, I found the Pure Ratios salve to hit the sweet spot in terms of value. The investment in your well-being, at mere pennies per application, is a small price to pay for the calibre of constituents and careful crafting that radiate from this product. Extended use confirmed my initial impressions: this salve delivers long-lasting comfort, and its generous volume deftly supports a regular application routine.

The true essence of this salve, however, lies in its carefully curated ingredients. This is no mere concoction for superficial appeal; each botanical and essential oil plays a symphony on the senses, contributing to the product's holistic benefits. The initial warmth that envelops the skin after application is both soothing and indicative of the salve's deeper work. Its performance post exertion points to efficacy in easing muscle fatigue, and as an added grace note, it doubles as a skin emollient, infusing dry skin with hydration whilst sidestepping any oily after-effects.

What We Like About This Product

  • The salve is a tapestry of professional formulation and devotion to natural, vegan-friendly ingredients.
  • A symphony of botanicals and essential oils marry the inherent strengths of hemp extract.
  • A price point that welcomes regular use without financial fret.
  • The CO2 extraction process stands as a benchmark of hemp extract quality.
  • Suited to a wide array of users, the product is a chameleon adapting to diverse needs.
  • Using domestic hemp champions local farming and meticulous standards.
  • A gentle warming caress that enriches the muscle relief experience.


The Hemp Extract Topical Salve by Pure Ratios, though replete with benefits, carries a small chest of caveats to bear in mind. For instance: - Its aromatic character, though typically enchanting, might not be a universal delight, particularly for those with a heightened sensitivity to essential oils or for those who prefer their salves devoid of scent. - As with any foray into the world of CBD, the journey is personal, and success in soothing discomfort may ebb and flow with individual chemistry. - While its packaging champions practicality, it doesn't quite capture the indulgent aura that some expect from their high-end CBD indulgences.


The Pure Ratios Hemp Extract Topical Salve is an exemplar of well-crafted self-care provisions. This concoction is pregnant with natural elements and affords a sensory expedition that transcends mere CBD utility. Its commitment to vegan, non-GMO integrity, coupled with the frugality of its price, propels it into the grasp of the masses. The salve's essence, extracted from hemp via CO2 and enriched with a handpicked selection of essential oils and botanicals, is the alchemy that amplifies muscle respite and envelopes the user in a comforting embrace.


  • A serene and gentle warmth unfurls upon the skin with each application.
  • Assists in the restoration of muscles and the soothing of slight discomforts that follow physical activity.
  • Performs a dual role as a skin hydrator, bestowing softness without an oily trace.
  • Individual responses to CBD vary, and not all users may find their desired solace.
  • The aromatic essence of the essential oils, while therapeutic, may not align with all scent preferences.

Final Verdict

Wrapping up, the Pure Ratios Hemp Extract Topical Salve earns its place as a noteworthy addition to any CBD enthusiast's collection, particularly for those chasing muscle regeneration and skin vitality. The sagacious blend of hemp extract with time-honored botanicals and essential oils amplifies the salve's allure and therapeutic prowess. At an approachable price, it stands as a prudent option for CBD novices and veterans alike. While minor potential pitfalls exist in scent preferences and individual response variances, this salve is a formidable player in the topical CBD landscape, meriting a trial for the sheer quality of its ingredients and the solace it offers.

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