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Koi CBD Healing Balm Full Spectrum 1.7oz 3000mg Review

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In a rapidly expanding universe of CBD offerings, Koi Naturals carves out an enviable niche with its premium selection of CBD delights. Their Healing CBD Balm is particularly noteworthy, packed with a formidable 3000mg of CBD in a conveniently compact 1.7oz container. This product is a champion of targeted relief and skin revival—bringing a holistic bounty of hemp's best to your fingertips. Celebrated for harnessing the entourage effect, it boasts an array of cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential hemp compounds. At the heart of its formulation, you'll find a symphony of over a dozen botanical oils, each singing in harmony to usher in swift comfort for aches and to quench thirsty skin. Koi Naturals isn't just about claims; it backs up its promises with stringent third-party lab tests that guarantee the strength and safety of this CBD balm.

Hands-on Experience

As soon as I laid hands on the Koi CBD Hemp Extract Healing Balm, I was struck by the understated sophistication of its packaging—minimalist yet suggesting the premium nature of the contents within. The balm greeted me with a gentle fragrance that was revitalizing but pleasantly understated. On the skin, it transformed smoothly from balm to emollient, making the act of massaging it into the skin both effortless and enjoyable. In terms of economics, the balm is a standout, priced at a mere $0.03 per milligram of CBD, delivering on affordability without skimping on quality. The accessible price embraces regular CBD users and invites them to indulge in heightened potency without financial strain. The texture of the balm is praiseworthy, achieving just the right consistency—neither excessively heavy nor too lightweight. It blends into the skin without a trace of oiliness, leaving behind only comfort and purity. Heeding the advice to apply generously, my skin absorbed the balm with ease, allowing the full-spectrum CBD to commence its work. As a daily runner, I reveled in the balm's calming embrace on my muscles post-run, and its contribution to my recovery routine became evident after consistent use.

What We Like About This Product

  • The remarkable potency offers ample CBD goodness to the areas desiring it most.
  • Its full-spectrum concoction maximizes the entourage effect for superior results.
  • It doubles up as a muscle and joint savior and a luxurious skin hydrator that may enhance skin health.
  • Third-party lab testing offers a solid vote of confidence in the product’s integrity.
  • The user-centric application process is designed to optimize the balm's absorption, amplifying its effects.
  • The balm's value shines bright, appealing to those who turn to CBD topicals as part of their daily routine.
  • A pure, natural ingredient list will comfort those who prefer an organic touch in their personal care products.
  • Adherence to THC legal limits guarantees a mind-easing experience, accommodating a broad spectrum of users.


The Koi CBD Hemp Extract Healing Balm is not without its caveats. Although its high-CBD makeup is a boon for many, those with only mild discomfort may find it more than they need, leading to potential overstock. People with sensitivities should be attentive to the formulation's rich tapestry of botanical ingredients. Furthermore, the upfront cost, while economical per unit of CBD, might still stretch the wallets of those keeping a tight grip on their expenses.


  • Leveraging Full Spectrum CBD for a comprehensive impact.
  • With a robust 3000mg of CBD in each container, precise and strong relief is at your fingertips.
  • Blended with a diverse array of nurturing natural oils.
  • Rigorous third-party lab testing instills confidence in its quality and safety.
  • Specifically crafted with the needs of sports enthusiasts and the physically active in mind.


  • Intense Comfort: The balm's high CBD concentration is adept at easing discomfort in muscles and joints.
  • Rejuvenating Hydration: An infusion of CBD with natural oils ensures deep, lasting moisture, promoting a vibrant skin appearance.
  • Rapid Assimilation: Crafted for swift skin absorption, the balm ensures expedited benefits.
  • No High: Containing under 0.3% THC, the balm delivers its magic without any unwanted psychoactive side effects.

Final Verdict

For those in pursuit of a high-strength, full-spectrum CBD solution, the Koi CBD Hemp Extract Healing Balm is a prime candidate. Its blend of multifaceted benefits, quality verification, and economic allure positions it as a distinguished player amidst the throng of CBD topicals. It's especially viable for the athletically inclined or anyone with a vibrant lifestyle seeking trustworthy relief for muscle and joint concerns, as well as for those in search of a sumptuous skin salve. Despite the initial investment being somewhat steep, the long-term value, driven by the sheer amount of CBD per use, speaks volumes. Given its natural composition and lab-tested reliability, Koi CBD Healing Balm secures a hearty endorsement for anyone needing a commanding and credible CBD balm.

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