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Royal CBD Full Spectrum Dog Treats Blueberry Sweet Potato 30ct Review

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Discerning pet parents often search for ways to enhance their beloved canine's health and wellness, and Royal CBD Full Spectrum CBD Dog Treats rise to the occasion. These artisan treats blend indulgent flavors with wellness benefits, offering a Hearty Blueberry and Sweet Potato combination that's not just a mere delight to the taste buds but a boost to your dog's vitality. The blueberries, bursting with antioxidants, join forces with the nutrient-rich sweet potatoes, creating a power-packed snack. Each container generously offers 30 treats, each infused with 5mg of full-spectrum CBD. This brings us to a total of 150mg CBD per package, carefully calibrated to offer a symphony of cannabinoids that include a trace of THC (under 0.3%). This tiny THC amount is specifically designed to avoid any psychoactive reactions, while concurrently supporting the 'entourage effect'—a phenomenon that amplifies the therapeutic properties of CBD.

Hands-on Experience

My initial encounter with the product was marked by the robust packaging—both functional and visually appealing. It features a resealable top to seal in the freshness, and the dimensions (6.7 × 2 × 8.8 inches) make it a breeze to stow away or tote along on trips with your tail-wagging companion. Yes, the price tag might raise an eyebrow, but the investment speaks for itself when you consider the top-tier ingredients and the richness of full-spectrum CBD infused within. At $0.22 per 1mg of CBD, these treats are certainly an upscale selection, but they resonate with the adage 'you get what you pay for.'

As for the treats themselves, they boast a hearty size and emit an enticing aroma that seems irresistible to canines. The commendable list of ingredients reinforces the product's integrity—eschewing synthetic additives in favor of wholesome constituents like flaxseed and hemp seed powder, acclaimed for bolstering heart function and fortifying the immune system. When it came to administering the treats, the flexibility of dosage was a breeze, allowing me to calibrate the amount to suit my dog's particular size and health requirements, initiating with a modest dose and incrementally raising it as warranted.

What We Like About This Product

  • The premium selection of natural components that are not only wholesome but bolster heart and immune system vitality.
  • The employment of full-spectrum CBD, which brings a host of cannabinoids and terpenes to the table, contributing to overall wellness.
  • A scrumptious Hearty Blueberry and Sweet Potato flavor profile that has dogs wagging their tails in anticipation.
  • The thoughtful, resealable packaging design, which is a testament to the product's high quality, keeping the treats at peak freshness.
  • Intuitive dosage guidelines that are adjustable, ensuring a tailor-fit approach for dogs of varying sizes and health needs.


  • The premium price point may be a stretch for some pet owners who need to balance their budgets with their desires for high-quality pet supplements.
  • Despite the trace levels of THC, certain pet owners might have a preference for CBD isolate treats that are devoid of any THC whatsoever.


The Royal CBD Full Spectrum Dog Treats shine in their commitment to quality and a well-thought-out blend that prioritizes pet health. They're infused with the likes of pterostilbene, sourced from blueberries, and beneficial fats derived from flaxseed and hemp seed powder. Paired with the supportive elements of CBD oil, these treats transcend the ordinary, providing a healthful supplement that could redefine snack time for your furry friend.


  • Heart Health: Antioxidants from the blueberries coupled with omega fatty acids work in tandem to nurture cardiovascular health.
  • Immune Support: The key ingredients, including flaxseed and CBD oil, create a sturdy shield for the immune system.
  • Coat and Skin: A bounty of nutrients within the natural ingredients promote a shiny coat and supple skin.
  • Wellness: The overall well-being is elevated through the interaction of the full-spectrum CBD with the dog’s endocannabinoid system.
  • Sedation: While relaxation is a benefit, pet owners should be mindful of dosages to prevent excessive drowsiness.
  • Appetite: The drool-worthy taste makes these treats a useful tool for coaxing fussy eaters into taking their daily health supplements.

Final Verdict

In the grand scheme of pet health, Royal CBD Full Spectrum CBD Dog Treats are a remarkable option for those committed to providing their canine companions with a superior diet supplement. These treats marry delicious taste with a plethora of health benefits, elevating them to more than just a tasty morsel—they become an integral part of your dog's dietary regime. While they may be priced above some pet owners' budgets, the value they provide in terms of full-spectrum CBD and meticulously selected ingredients makes a convincing case for this health-conscious investment. It's prudent to seek a veterinarian's guidance before starting any new supplement, but for those inclined towards a holistic approach to pet health, these Royal CBD treats are certainly a worthy contender.

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