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Koi Pets CBD Dog Biscuits Calming Support Green Apple & Peanut Butter 30ct Review

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When considering the well-being of our furry friends, Koi Naturals has emerged as a trusted name in the CBD landscape. With the introduction of Koi Pets CBD Dog Biscuits Calming Support, they've expanded their expertise into the realm of pet wellness, ensuring our pets receive the same level of care we do. The journey towards tranquility for dogs prone to anxiety or excessive pep has never been more approachable. Enveloped within each package, pet owners will discover 30 delicacies infused with a total of 150mg of CBD, meticulously crafted to infuse a serene ambiance into your pup's daily life.

Enticing even the most discerning of canine palates, the biscuits meld the tartness of Green Apple with the creamy richness of Peanut Butter. This culinary duo is not only delectable but also free from gluten, dairy, and genetic modifications. The commitment to using organic, non-GMO ingredients underscores the product's premium build, fostering a guilt-free pathway to integrating CBD into your dog's dietary regimen.

Hands-on Experience

The unboxing experience of the Koi Pets CBD Dog Biscuits was nothing short of delightful, revealing packaging that was both aesthetically pleasing and rich in pertinent details like benefits and guidelines on usage. Considering the modest investment of $23.99 for the entire bag, this translates to a mere $1.60 per serving, positioning these biscuits as an economical choice for easing your dog into a CBD-infused lifestyle.

Each treat was preserved in a sealed bag, ensuring optimal freshness and the preservation of the CBD's efficacy. With every biscuit offering 5mg of full-spectrum CBD, and a serving suggestion of two biscuits per occasion, it's a breeze to match the dosage to the specific needs and dimensions of your cherished companion.

A waft of the Green Apple and Peanut Butter scent greeted me upon opening the bag, striking just the right balance—not too subtle, not too intense. It's evident that considerable thought has been devoted to concocting an aroma that captivates canine senses while prioritizing their health and wellness. The size of the biscuits was tailored to be dog-friendly, and mine found them both palatable and easy to digest.

The inclusion of chamomile in the recipe, renowned for its natural soothing properties, is a testament to the brand's attention to detail. This, paired with the biscuits being veterinarian formulated, adds an extra layer of assurance. Over the course of a week, I observed my dog exhibiting reduced anxiety, particularly during episodes that typically incite fretfulness, like thunder claps or pyrotechnic displays.

What We Like About This Product

The allure of the Koi Pets CBD Dog Biscuits is manifold, stemming from an adherence to crafting a product that is both effective and responsible. The utilization of natural, non-GMO ingredients is a cornerstone of this ethos, validating the brand's commitment to safety and excellence. The taste profile—a blend of Green Apple and Peanut Butter—is evidently irresistible to dogs. Moreover, the full-spectrum CBD formula boasts a cascade of terpenes that work synergistically to enhance your pet's well-being.

Transparency is another highlight, with Koi Naturals offering comprehensive labels and explicit dosing guidelines. Plus, for those concerned about potential allergens, you'll take comfort in knowing that these treats are gluten-free, dairy-free, and void of any harmful chemicals or solvents.


No product is without its limitations, and the Koi Pets CBD Dog Biscuits are no exception. The singular flavor variety may not tantalize all taste buds in the canine community. Additionally, the inclusion of trace amounts of THC, although within a safe and permissible range, could raise eyebrows among certain pet parents. Lastly, the one-size-fits-all approach in terms of potency may not cater to the entire spectrum of dog sizes and sensitivities, leaving some pet owners desiring a more tailored experience.


The highlights of these biscuits shine through their thoughtful formulation and the palpable benefits they deliver. Fashioned under the watchful eyes of veterinarians, they address canines' mental well-being as they go about their day. The alluring flavor is a clear winner among pups, and the careful selection of ingredients demonstrates a consideration for those with allergies. For those mindful of economics, the Koi Pets CBD Dog Biscuits also score points for their reasonable pricing and cost-efficiency, especially for ongoing use.


  • The treats aim to instill a serene atmosphere, fostering calm and relaxation in dogs.
  • In scenarios that may generally lead to nervousness or high-strung behavior, these biscuits can be a helpful ally.
  • Chamomile is a noteworthy component in the mix, renowned for its innate calming influence.
  • With the inclusion of full-spectrum CBD, dogs also benefit from a broader spectrum of health-supporting compounds.
  • Concerns over psychoactive effects can be laid to rest, given that the THC content is kept minimal, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

Final Verdict

At the culmination of our review, it's evident that Koi Naturals upholds its reputation with the Koi Pets CBD Dog Biscuits Calming Support. The biscuits showcase a harmonious blend of proficient formulation and a pledge to premium standards, making them an appealing choice for pet owners who wish to enrich their dog's comfort and serenity with CBD. The ease of administration and the positive reception by pets add to the product's charm.

Although the THC content may be a point of contention for some, it remains well within legal bounds and is deemed safe for pet consumption. Moreover, the value proposition is strong, given the sheer quality of the ingredients relative to the cost.

To sum up, those in the market for a natural and efficacious avenue to enhance their dog's quality of life might find solace in the Koi Pets CBD Dog Biscuits Calming Support. Remember, introducing any new supplement should be a gradual process, and consultation with your vet is wise to confirm its suitability for your pet's unique health profile.

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