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Social CBD Boost Gel Capsules Isolate THC-Free 30ct 1000mg Review

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In an era where personal well-being has taken center stage, the rise of CBD-centric products has undeniably emerged as a significant trend. Within this flourishing sphere, the Social CBD Boost CBD Gel Capsules rise to the occasion, offering a blend that aims not merely to soothe but also to revitalize and sharpen the mind. The renowned label Social CBD—also known under the moniker Select CBD—has made quite the splash on the wellness scene, primarily due to their dedication to crafting products that are devoid of THC yet rich in quality.

Each bottle of these capsules houses a trio of tens, summing up to a count of thirty, with every individual capsule infused with a 33.33 mg dash of CBD isolate. This precise measurement culminates in a grand total of 1000 mg of CBD in each container. Priced at a competitive $39.99, this positions these capsules as a cost-effective choice in the marketplace, given the modest $0.04 cost per milligram of CBD. These capsules go beyond the basic offerings of cannabinoids, presenting a harmonized interplay with one's endocannabinoid system (ECS) and bestowing an enriched tapestry of nutrients, courtesy of the yerba mate and moringa ingredients woven into the mix.

Hands-on Experience

Welcoming the Social CBD Boost CBD Gel Capsules into my life, the first impression was set by the packaging's crisp and professional demeanor, which spelled out care and attention to detail. Listed upon the facade were informative tidbits such as dosage guidance and suggestions for storage—details that are pivotal for preserving the essence and efficacy of the contents within. Transport and convenience are effortlessly handled thanks to the bottle’s pragmatic design, which allows for the capsules to be enjoyed anywhere, liberating users from the fuss of dosage calculations that accompany oils and tinctures.

For discerning consumers, the sticker price is often a deciding variable. Here, at a comfortable $39.99 for a potent 1000 mg of CBD, the balance between cost and quality becomes apparent. Standing at merely $0.04 per mg of CBD, the Boost Capsules present themselves as an accessible staple for daily intake.

Diving into the core of the capsules, it becomes evident that the concoction is more than a single-note arrangement. Alongside CBD, the recipe is fortified by the presence of yerba mate and moringa, each with its own storied history of promoting vitality. Yerba mate delivers a natural kick of energy, while moringa contributes a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals. For those seeking a clear head and a THC-free experience, perhaps due to workplace regulations or personal preference, these capsules confidently meet the mark.

What We Like About This Product

  • Purity of Isolate CBD: The singular focus on CBD isolate reassures users of a THC-free journey with this product, suiting those who wish to steer clear of the broader spectrum of phytocannabinoids.
  • Additional Superfood Ingredients: With yerba mate and moringa making an entrance, this product doesn't just stop at CBD; it brings with it additional nutrients and benefits for a more rounded approach to health.
  • Convenience: The pre-portioned capsules make for a discreet and straightforward consumption method, without the need for any preparation or extra tools.
  • Price: The budget-friendly nature of this offering allows individuals to integrate CBD into their daily health practices without stressing their finances.
  • User-Friendly Packaging: Comprehensive labeling underscores a respect for the user, ensuring that those who invest in this product are well-informed about its utilization and preservation.


  • Given the highly subjective nature of CBD's impact, the promise of a boost in vigor may not be a universal experience across all consumers.
  • The capsules, while handy, are not crafted for vegetarian or vegan preferences as they contain gelatin.
  • For allergen-sensitive individuals, caution is advised since the product incorporates coconut in its formulation.


The Social CBD Boost CBD Gel Capsules shine with several distinguishing characteristics:

  • A tidy collection of 30 capsules per bottle, summing up to a generous offering of 1000 mg of CBD in each package.
  • A THC-free composition, quelling any anxiety about unwanted psychoactive encounters.
  • Each capsule comes not only with the targeted potential of CBD but is also enriched with the nutritious virtues of yerba mate and moringa.
  • An attractive price point that aligns well with current market expectations, priced at $0.04 per milligram of CBD.
  • The pragmatic packaging is thoughtfully designed for dynamic individuals with busy lifestyles.


  • Energy & Focus: The capsules are poised to potentially uplift one's energy and sharpen focus, attributing to the infusion of yerba mate and moringa.
  • Pure CBD Experience: Opting for isolate means these capsules deliver a THC-free experience, concentrating solely on the benefits of CBD.
  • Health Benefits: A wealth of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are part and parcel of this product, owing to the included superfoods.
  • Varying Individual Effects: It is paramount to recognize that the overall effects are subject to individual variations, as is the way with all supplements.

Final Verdict

The Social CBD Boost CBD Gel Capsules concoct a harmonious blend that is thoughtful in both its ingredients and intentions. This product is aimed at those in pursuit of a natural avenue to elevate their daily energy and sharpen cognitive clarity, offering a novel blend of CBD isolate enhanced by the nutritional merits of yerba mate and moringa. The capsules hit the sweet spot of competitive pricing and consumer-centric design, making them a commendable addition to anyone’s wellness arsenal. While the experience may differ from person to person, the unified message of quality and potential benefit cement these capsules as a worthy option for those eager to marry the perks of CBD with the healing touch of natural superfoods.

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