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Martha Stewart CBD Super Strength Cream Broad Spectrum 2500mg Review

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In the realm of health and indulgence, one product that rises above the rest is the Martha Stewart CBD Super Strength Cream. This exceptional topical remedy combines the therapeutic prowess of broad-spectrum CBD—sans the psychoactive compound THC—with the indulgent experience one might expect from a premier wellness brand. Within its compact 1.7oz vessel, it manages to encapsulate a potent 2500mg of CBD, answering the call of those with dynamic lifestyles seeking solace from muscular strain and rigidity. The melding of Martha Stewart's signature lifestyle expertise with Canopy Growth's cannabis proficiency underscores the product's formidable quality and trustworthiness. Embracing 98% natural constituents and equipped with advanced scent technology, this cream harmonizes contemporary natural health perspectives with a touch of sophistication.

Hands-on Experience

My initial encounter with the Martha Stewart CBD Super Strength Cream was nothing short of impressive. The minimalist yet elegant packaging spoke volumes of its purposeful design, while its compact form rendered it perfect for application no matter where I found myself. The cream's consistency was a perfect marriage of indulgence and functionality; it melted into my skin as swiftly as morning dew, leaving behind no trace of oiliness—an absolute boon for those desirous of swift application. From a monetary standpoint, the cream may appear as a splurge. However, the actual cost effectiveness reveals itself upon closer examination—$0.0144 per milligram of CBD is a bargain, particularly considering its high CBD payload. The aromatic qualities cannot go unmentioned; a bouquet of essential oils beckons with a tranquil yet invigorating scent. Its predominant effectiveness owes much to the meticulously chosen ingredients. A cornucopia of CBD, sweet almond oil, jojoba seed oil, ginger root, and a fusion of eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils join forces, weaving together their individual virtues in a concerted bid for calmness and recuperation.

What We Like About This Product

  • High CBD Concentration: Boasts a robust 2500mg per jar, delivering convincing relief.
  • Cost-Efficient: Offers an attractive price-point per milligram, representing excellent value.
  • Naturally Driven: Composed of 98% natural elements, this cream wins the confidence and contentment of those prioritizing their health.
  • User Endorsements: The chorus of positive user reviews bolsters the product's reputable stature.
  • Ethical Commitment: With vegan and cruelty-free assurances, the cream appeals to a broader, ethically minded demographic.


  • Its premium pricing might deter some potential customers, in spite of its reasonable CBD cost ratio.
  • The single available size option might not cater to all preferences and requirements.
  • As a topical solution, it won't fulfill those in search of CBD's systemic benefits.


Embracing the full spectrum of cannabinoids, minus THC, the Martha Stewart CBD Super Strength Cream ensures its users reap the beneficial collective effect. Magnesium and ginger are deftly incorporated to amplify the cream's prowess in targeting muscle restoration. Complementing its efficacy, the scent-engineering makes each application a sensory event to anticipate. A notable mention is its rapid action, an essential trait for those in urgent need of relief.


  • Calming: The lion's share of users have reported a palpable calming effect on weary muscles.
  • Diminished Discomfort: A strong majority has attested to lessened muscle discomfort post-application.
  • Lessened Rigidity: A noticeable decline in muscular stiffness has been a common thread among user experiences.
  • Efficient Absorption: Formulated to penetrate swiftly, leaving behind no oily aftermath.

Final Verdict

The stature of Martha Stewart CBD Super Strength Cream in the CBD topical landscape is nothing short of illustrious. Its pedigree shines through in its brand credibility, ingredient excellence, and palpable user satisfaction. While the cost might stretch some budgets, for consistent CBD cream users, it presents a financially savvy choice. This cream is a prime pick for athletes, the elderly, or anyone in pursuit of targeted muscle alleviation. The sensory joy of its texture, coupled with a discerning mix of essential oils, transforms each use into a small celebration for the senses. The cream's ethical dedication—notably vegan and cruelty-free—adds layers to the user's experience. In sum, Martha Stewart CBD Super Strength Cream stands as a stellar option for those valuing premier, efficacious CBD cream and who are prepared to invest in their personal wellness. Backed by its stellar lineage and heartening user feedback, it offers an enriching addition to the wellness arsenal of discerning individuals.

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