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Martha Stewart CBD Mobility Soft Baked Chews Chicken & Blueberry Large 30ct Review

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For pet owners who delve into the ever-expanding world of pet wellness, it's exciting to see innovative products like the Martha Stewart CBD Mobility Chicken + Blueberry Flavor Soft Baked Chews rise to the occasion. Tailored to the needs of larger breed dogs, these chews are a flavorful boon for our four-legged friends, with each pack containing 30 pieces of joint health goodness. The robust 960 mg of CBD packed into the container breaks down to a generous 32 mg per chew, offering a substantial wellness boost in each bite. Martha Stewart CBD as a brand carries an air of credibility and excellence, leveraging Martha Stewart's longtime influence in the worlds of lifestyle and wellbeing.

Hands-on Experience

The allure of the Martha Stewart CBD Mobility Chews began with the unboxing. The packaging oozed with the brand's hallmark sophistication, indicating that no detail was deemed too small for consideration. With a competitive price of $0.02 per 1 mg of CBD, these treats emerge as a savvy investment, particularly when held up against their pricier counterparts in the pet CBD niche. The containers were not only stylish but designed with user-friendliness in mind, easy to open yet secure enough to preserve the treats' freshness. Upon opening, the rich scent of chicken interwoven with sweet blueberries wafted through the air, piquing my dog's curiosity instantly. The treats themselves were a delight to touch, their soft-baked form lending itself well to my aging companion's tender gums and weaker teeth.

The composition of these treats was another aspect that caught my eye. A peek at the ingredient list revealed a medley of top-tier active components such as Omega-3s and broad-spectrum CBD, known for their supportive roles in joint care and overall canine well-being. Further scrutiny revealed a tapestry of natural ingredients like real chicken, wild blueberries, and hearty flaxseed—minus any synthetic additives—echoing my personal preference for unadulterated pet edibles.

As weeks went by, treats in tow, I observed my dog growing increasingly vivacious and agile. There was a newfound willingness to participate in activities once avoided, an encouraging sign I'm hopeful to attribute, at least in part, to the support from these chews. Nonetheless, I remain prudent, mindful that definitive conclusions warrant both an extended trial and professional veterinary insights.

What We Like About This Product

  • Robust CBD concentration, specially formulated with large dog breeds in mind.
  • A commitment to naturalness is evident in the ingredient compilation, devoid of synthetic flavors, dyes, or preservatives.
  • A delectable fusion of chicken and blueberry flavors, carefully crafted to appeal to canine palates.
  • The soft-baked nature of the treats makes them particularly well-suited for senior dogs or those with chewing difficulties.
  • Clear labeling of CBD per chew simplifies the dosing process for pet owners.


  • Despite their value per milligram of CBD, the treats' overall price tag could be perceived as steep, especially when benchmarked against conventional dog treats.
  • The varied responses of individual pets to dietary supplements means effectiveness can fluctuate, and these treats may not universally appeal to all dogs.
  • Smaller breeds are left out of the picture, compelling their owners to seek out different products more suited to their size.


What really sets the Martha Stewart CBD Mobility Chews apart is their composition of high-grade, broad-spectrum CBD teamed with the absence of THC, alongside other nutritious elements such as Omega-3 fatty acids. This synergy of ingredients is adept at fortifying a dog's joint health and enhancing overall mobility—an important consideration for the wellness of our larger canine companions.


  • Joint Health Support: Enriched with potent CBD and Omega-3 fatty acids, these chews play a supportive role in promoting healthy joints.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Continued use may lead to noticeable improvements in movement, a boon for larger breeds often troubled by joint issues.
  • Taste Appeal: The savory chicken and blueberry flavor ensures these treats please the palate while serving a medicinal purpose.
  • No Psychoactive Effects: Formulated to contain less than 0.3% THC, the chews deliver the positives of CBD without any unwanted psychoactive reactions.
  • Individual Variability: It's worthwhile to note that these treats might not suit every dog, and consulting a veterinarian before beginning any new health regimen is always a wise choice.

Final Verdict

The Martha Stewart CBD Mobility Chicken + Blueberry Flavor Soft Baked Chews rise to meet the challenge for those who wish to enrich their dogs' diet with CBD. Nestled within the trusted Martha Stewart brand, these treats incorporate both quality ingredients and a thoughtful recipe, carving out their own niche in the pet wellness domain. The initial investment may eclipse that of typical dog treats, but the prospective gains in your furry friend's mobility and joint health are persuasive factors to consider. Although it's imperative for pet parents to seek veterinary advice before starting their pets on a new dietary supplement, for those in the market for CBD-infused dog treats, Martha Stewart's Mobility Chews deserve a thoughtful look.

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